All of the kennels are individually heated and spacious and all have covered outdoor runs to keep the dogs dry during wet weather. All dogs have access to the secure running field at least four times during the day. Being a family run kennels the dogs get to see the same people daily and we find this helps them to settle if they are slightly nervous about their first stay away from home. This is also good for puppies who we are more than happy to have to stay. We find that they see their stay as one big adventure and are constantly watching what’s going on and then, this in turn, makes future stays much easier for them.

We have a variety of different foods in stock but you are of course welcome to bring your own. Raw diets, prescription or specialist diets must also be provided by the owner.

We provide all bedding and bowls needed throughout your dog’s stay but you are more than welcome to bring in anything at all from home that you feel would make your dog happier.

Early booking is advisable.